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Hi, ​ Blue Rain is my pen name. My real name is Nguyen Thanh Vu.

I graduated from Van Lang University, Saigon, Vietnam, my major was Graphic Design. I worked as a designer for a year after graduation, then quit and joined Lá Studio where I became an illustrator for most of my time and recently, a graphic novel artist. 


I worked mainly on children picture books which were published in Vietnam, Italy, Spain, France, UK and China.

I won the New Talent Prize of BIBF Ananas Illustration Award in 2019 with the book "The boy and the toad" written by Sal Hendrie.  


I realized that I work at my best whenever I’m given the freedom to explore the art as well as the story telling according to how I interpret the story. I hope to get reach to the clients who also wants to explore the story, with me along the way.  In my spare time, I’d like to learn and actually make some furniture through the tutorials on Youtube.


Recently, I just finish and self-publish my first graphic novel "Bóng - Sceadu" in Vietnam.

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